Own an Enviate™

The Enviate project began as a no-compromise approach to building the fastest car ever attempted by the common man.  The formula is simple; huge power, huge downforce, huge brakes, huge tires, and huge testicles to put it all to use.  The engineering prowess behind this car spans the globe, from F1 level engineers, to rocket scientists, all assembled by Cody Loveland Racing, using decades of hardcore racing experience. 

The Enviate’s playground is Pikes Peak, as the terrain and elevation challenges are the most grueling elements on the planet; there is no better testing ground.  2017 saw the fastest speed of the year(2nd fastest ever), at 147mph through halfway picnic grounds, and a 2nd place Unlimited Class finish.  2018, we are gunning for overall victory with Ex-Stig, Paul Gerrard at the helm.

2000lbs / 1200WHP / 7200lbs downforce / 335 series tires / Carbon Brakes

6 speed paddle shifted sequential transmission

Twin turbo / dry sumped / LSX based billet engine


fully custom enviate chassis

Want to build an Enviate, but at your own pace? Want to build a testosterone-infused 1000hp tube car with big downforce, but without compromising on geometry or design? Our custom Enviate chassis is the answer.


RPS carbon brakes

Never say the words "brake fade" again. Full carbon RPS rotors and Stoptech calipers that'll test any tire out there.  The 380mm rotors weigh less than 10lbs, vs 25lbs for similarly sized steel rotors .  Tremendous stopping power with the all-important benefit of lowering rotational mass.


Twin turbo ls based powerplant

From mild to wild, we can spec a naturally aspirated junkyard LS based engine to get your project rolling, or go wild with a full Billet LSX based unit with the capabilites to produce four digit HP numbers


Turn-Key Enviate

  • $320,000

  • Twin turbo LSX based

  • Full package as shown above

Custom Packages Available

  • Custom engine / transmission package

  • Custom braking packages

  • Purchase a roller with or without aero

  • Inquire for pricing on your project


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