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2000 LBS / 1200 WHP / 7200 LBS Downforce / Carbon brakes / sequential transmission

Enviate™ hypercar program


Cody loveland racing

We are here to provide hardcore racing services and components.  Specializing in carbon fiber components, aerodynamic packages, chassis and roll cage fabrication, EFI Chassis Dyno tuning, Turbo system fabrication, as well as complete and “kit” forms of the Enviate Hypercar.  Based on 15 years of racing across many spectrums, from drag racing, to road racing, and Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, with a 66% podium average in the Unlimited Class.



Support our passion. We now offer t-shirts, hoodies and hats featuring the Enviate silloette. 

Enviate program

Do you have the guts to pilot an Enviate? See our options for rolling chassis or a full, ready-to-run Enviate Hypercar.



Aero from wild to mild, capable of producing over 4,000 lbs of downforce, our aero packages are sure to test your tire's load capacities.

Fabrication Services

Learn about our turbo system fabrication, roll cage, and chassis fabrication services.


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